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LIFE here at City Life Centre 

Main Hall
Hobby Horse
Main Hall Concert
Pool Table
Wholly Ground
Main Hall Concert
Function Room 2
Sports Hall
Play Ground
Main Hall Concert
Wholly Ground
Function Room 1
Hobby Horse
Wholly Ground
Hobby Horse
Main Hall Concert
Wholly Ground
Main Hall - Conference


City Life Centre is owned by New Life City Church. It is a community facility with charitable status, open to everyone, offering a wide range of activities for children, youth, men & women to help develop the person & the family, most on a donation basis.


The main Project within City Life Centre is Stadium Projects, which we launched in 1989 under the name 'Stadium Youth & Community Centre', within the old Stadium Cinema on Belfast's Shankill Road, but sadly a centre that no longer exists. 


However, determined not to be stopped we have moved several times since 1999, finally moving to our present location, which we call City Life Centre, a converted warehouse that literally straddles a major Dividing Line in Belfast between two communities that have been divided and torn apart by decades of religious and political conflict. However, since the end of the conflict, there have been major positive developments across the entire city of Belfast, which is reflected by the increase of services, such as hotels and restaurants etc., and also by the on-going increase of tourism.


City Life Centre is just a few minutes walk from downtown Belfast. It is easily accessible and has excellent parking.


The Centre facilitates several activities and is home to a number of community groups with up to 2,000 people, from various cultures and backgrounds using the centre each week, and truly is a place where everyone matters.


143 Northumberland St.

Belfast Bt13 2JF

Co. Antrim 


Email: info@mysite.com
Tel: 02890239572



Monday - Fri: 8am- 10pm

​​Saturday: 9:30am  - 3pm

​Sunday: 9:30am  - 3pm